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Michael Joseph Jackson
Born - August 29, 1958
Is an American recording artist, dancer, singer-songwriter, musician and philanthropist.
The lead single from Dangerous, the danceable hard rock song "Black or White" was one of Jackson's most successful

View Jackson's childhood home in Gary, Indiana(>1mb)

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Michel jackson
Michle Jackson

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Sachin on First interview

Sachin Tendulkar Highlights

Sachin becomes first batsman to score 200 in an ODI

2 run outs in 1 ball

Traffic malayalam movie review wallpapers mp3 freedownload


Emotional+Thrilling Story

Extraordinary Script

Perfect Direction

Brilliant Acting

Smooth Shots

Sharp Editing

Stunning BGM

Nice Casting

Ithanda Padam

Malayalam Kaathirunna Padam

copyadikatha..malayalathinte swantha srishti

Dileep edukendiyirunna Twenty20
Traffic >>> TERRIFIC!!!!
Ratings >>>> 10/10
Abt the movie...

wat 2 say, itz an excelent attempt by a debutent....& also bobby-sanjay done an another glorious work....

cAsting wAs logic fOr the story...& also it have a smooth fluency....

bAck ground music wAs considerd as one of the bEst in mAlluwOOd....

eDiting iS also..so nice...

my rAting : 8/10

yeah......tRaffIc is A tErrifIc one......!!!

pAisa wAsOOl..!


In one word a Brilliant film.
Great start to 2011.
Definitely th best thing about this movie is its outstanding Screenplay plus its tight direction.
Each nd every one in this movie acted to their best.This wud be definitely an image breaker for Kunchakko Boban.
Asif ali,Sreenivasan,Anoop Menon,Rahman too deserves applause.
IMO th show stealer was Saikumar,whot a perfomance!!!!
"Mr.collector,Ningalkkum baaki ellavarkum avan marikkan pokunna etho oralanu,pakshe enikk avan ippozhum jeevichirikkunna ente makananu...Pls try to understand what it means.....!"
Also another positive thing about this movie is the brilliant execution of Sentiments,loved each scene.
Songs nd BGM too were apt for th film.

Verdict: Path breaking/ A Must Watch.


Njan enthu parayan......
Ippozhum aa hangover vittu poyittilla.....
Ee cinemayude ethenkilum oru departmentil enthenkilum oru negative kandupidikkaan orupaadu sramichu....
No....It's a CLASSIC.....
Malayalathil ingane oru padam....UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!









Ee cinema njan ini ethra thavana kaanumennu enikku thanne ariyilla.....

Fansukaar nadathunna kopraayangal kandu sheelicha malyalikk ee cinemayude ending oru puthiya anubhavam thanne tharum.....NAMMAL ARIYATHE THANNE EZHUNNETTU NINNU KAIYYADICHU POKUNNA AVASTHA....

Ee cinemayude ettavum valiya plus ennu parayunnath SAI KUMARINTE abhinayam thanne.....ee manushyan ithrayum perfectionode abhinayicha mattoru cinema illa....

Traffic, ithile ellaa actorsinum oru BREAK THROUGH aayirikkum...
Everybody did it in an IMPECCABLE MANNER......
My Rating :10/10.................


watched the movie from attingal kaveri

attndnce : 40%

superb film.. thrilling 1...

hats off 2 bbby-sanjay..

saikumar, sreeni, rahman, asifali, kunchako, anup menon, lena..
ellarum nanayi perfom cheithu....

frt bgm.... well doe mejo..

film kazhinjappo ellarum eneetu ninnu kayyadichu....

ratin: 9/10
Sify review
Just when you thought that Malayalam filmmakers have stopped experimenting with newer themes and styles, here is a fascinating movie which will totally shake you up.

Director Rajesh Pillai has come up with the fantastically made Traffic, based on a well-written script by Bobby & Sanjay. There are no formulaic ingredients or gimmickry here and it is a clean, honest film.

The main events mentioned in the story happen on a single day, September 16, at a crowded traffic junction in Kochi. Two friends, Raihan (Vineeth Sreenivasan) and Rajeev (Asif Ali), travelling in a bike is fatally hit by a speeding car at the signal. Raihan was all set to interview a superstar, Siddharth Shankar (Rahman).

Also at the junction, in another car, was a surgeon Dr. Abel (Kunchacko Boban). Sudevan (Sreenivasan), a police constable, who had been suspended for accepting a bribe, had rejoined duty at the nearby traffic police station around the same time.

As fate would have it, the lives of all these individuals intertwine in a curious way from then on. The doctors fail to rescue Raihan and his heart is all set to be transplanted to Siddharth’s ailing daughter. But it is a near impossible task as the doctors and cops get ready to give a try.

They have to carry the heart all the way to Palakkad, in a matter of some hours, by road. The story takes some dramatic turns in between, which make the narrative even more interesting.

Here is one film which has excelled in virtually all the departments. Rajesh Pillai, who has earlier directed the eminently forgettable Hridayathil Sookshikkaan some years back, has shown amazing maturity and technical brilliance while narrating the story. Bobby & Sanjay, the duo known for scripts like Ente Veedu Appoontem and Note Book, has written a complex story in an excellent manner

Saw the movie from ekm savitha second show .

Theatre status- House full

Asif ali and nithya undayirunnu [oru gossipinulla vakayayi ]

Abt the movie entha paraya kidilan movie .ellavarum maslsarichu abinayichu .Oru scenil mathram vanna jose prakash muthal avasanam vanna baiju ezupunna vare .[Nivin pouly also]. Flim kazijalum e kadhapathraghl nammude manasil ninnum pokilla.saikumar enna nadante abinaya jeevithathile oru eduthu parayavunna role ayirikkum ethile........pala pravasayum nammude kannu niraju pokunna prakadanam ayirunnu adhehathinte ...pinne eduthu parayavunna oru character ayirunnu lenayude .lena mattoru kadha pathrathinodu parayunna oru dialog undu amazing ...sathyathil enikku ethil ettavum ishtapetta character vineeth sreeinivasante ayirunnu ..rehman also done good job....also chakochan ,sreenivasan ,anoop menon ,asif ali ellavarum.Fans associationu enthokke cheyyan kaziyum ennum e flimil namukku kanam.

After the movie every body claps.E padam kanunna malayalathile ethoru artistum e padathnte baghamakan thanikku kazijilallo ennoru vishamikkum theercha.

"No ennu paranjaal onnum sambhavikkilla..saadharana divasam pole e divasavum kadannu pokum.....ningalil aarengilum oraal yes ennu paranjaal athu charithramaakum...bhaaviyil kure perkku yes ennu parayaan sakthi nalkum"
athe athu thanne anu e padathinte message

Hope its the first megha hit of 2011.

rating 9/10
THEATRE - Muvattupuzha Issac
Matini - 45 % today ( only 3 ladies )

In One word - Simple superb !

Nice script, Direction, cast, acting, Bgm etc etc

As its a thriller i am not explaining.. Good theme.. Good work

Aake thonniya -ve first halfil idak thonniya oru slowness aanu.. Songs pora ( no importance in this movie )

Its a must watch movie which can be included in the category of Passenger & Cocktail

All the actors did their job very well.

As its not an entertainer dont know whether the family audience will make it a box office hit !

Every Malayali youth should watch this movie..

My Rating - 8.5/10

While returning from the theatre i was very carefull in riding my bike by following each & every signal. Angane oru maatam polum undakan ee moviekk sadhichu.. HATS OF TO THE PEOPLE BEHIND THIS MOVIE !


On September 16, superstar Sidharth Shankar (Rahman) is getting ready for the release of his new film. On the same day, Traffic Constable Sudevan (Sreenivasan) joins back on duty, after being suspended from service for taking bribe. The day is special for Dr. Abel (Kunchako Boban) who is celebrating his first wedding anniversary. Raihan (Vineeth Sreenivasan), an aspiring television journalist, is starting his first job with an interview with Sidharth Shankar the very same day.

On September 16, at a crowded traffic junction in Kochi, Raihan and Rajeev (Asif Ali), travelling in a bike is fatally hit by a speeding car at the signal. Raihan was all set to interview the superstar, Siddharth Shankar. Also at the junction, in another car, was the surgeon Dr. Abel.

The doctors fail to rescue Raihan and his heart is all set to be transplanted to Siddharth’s ailing daughter. Now the police take up the job of carrying the heart to the city of Palakkad, in a matter of some hours, by road.


* Sreenivasan as Sudevan Nair.A traffic police constable who took charge after being suspended for bribery.
* Rahman as Sidharth Shankar. He is a movie star.
* Kunchacko Boban as Dr. Abel Thariyan. He is a cardiac surgeon.
* Anoop Menon as Ajmal Nazar. He is the City Police Commissioner of Kochi.
* Vineeth Sreenivasan as Raihan. He is a journalist trainee working in Indiavision.
* Asif Ali as Rajiv. He is a friend of Raihan.
* Sandhya as Aditi. She is Raihan's fiance.
* Roma as Miriam. She is sister of Abel and is working in Club FM.
* Remya Nambeesan as Shwetha. She is the wife of Abel.
* Saikumar as Raihan's father
* Lena as Sidharth Shankar's wife
* Vijayakumar as Mathew. He is the private assistant of Sidharth Shankar.
* Namitha Pramod as Sidharth Shankar's daughter.
* Krishna as Jicku. He is a common friend of Abel and Shwetha.
* Sudip Joshy as Miriam's husband
* Dhanusree Ghosh as Vygya
* Renjith Reghu as Deepu
* Prem Prakash as a doctor.
* Jose Prakash as Dr.Simon D'souza (Special appearance).
* Nivin Pauly (Special Appearance)
* Dr. Roni as a journalist.
* Premjith Lal
* Anjana Menon
* Gowri Krishna
* Jayakrishnan

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